My aim here is to provide a place to chronicle some links to the hydroplate theory.


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####Dr Walt Brown 1993 1993 Excerpt - What Happened to Our Pre Flood Atmosphere

This is a two part sermon from Calvary Church Port Orchard on the flood of Noah and how it is explained by the Hydroplate theory.

####Part 1 - Flood of Noah * Part 1, 1 of 6 * Part 1, 2 of 6 * Part 1, 3 of 6 * Part 1, 4 of 6 * Part 1, 5 of 6 * Part 1, 6 of 6

####Part2 - Flood of Noah * Part 2, 1 of 6 * Part 2, 2 of 6 * Part 2, 3 of 6 * Part 2, 4 of 6 * Part 2, 5 of 6 * Part 2, 6 of 6

####Earthquakes 2012 Update 1 hour and 36 min

##Overview > But first, what is a hydroplate? Before the global flood, considerable water was under earth’s crust. Pressure increases in this subterranean water ruptured that crust, breaking it into plates. The escaping water flooded the earth. Because hydro means water, those crustal plates will be called hydroplates. Where they broke, how they moved, and hundreds of other details and evidence—all consistent with the laws of physics—constitute the hydroplate theory and explain to a great extent why the earth looks as it does. quote source

##Assumptions > Assumption 1: Subterranean Water. About half the water now in the oceans was once in interconnected chambers about 10 miles below the entire earth’s surface. At thousands of locations, the chamber’s sagging ceiling pressed against the chamber’s floor. These solid contacts will be called pillars. The average thickness of the subterranean water was at least 3/4 mile. Above the subterranean water was a granite crust; beneath that water was earth’s mantle. See Figure 54.

Assumption 2: A Global Continent. The earth’s preflood crust encircled the globe. On the crust were deep and shallow seas, and mountains, generally smaller than those of today, but some perhaps 5,000 feet high.

Assumption 3: An Initial Crack. A small initial crack occurred in the earth’s crust. (Later, several ways this crack could have started will be mentioned.) The basic forces that quickly propagated the crack around the earth will soon be explained.qoute source

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