I recently upgraded my gnome 3 install to gnome 3.2. Pacman threw an error so I forced the upgrade. I am never forcing an upgrade again. :) The upgrade completed and when I rebooted I was greeted with a sad face saying I should contact my system administrator. I hate it when software tells me to contact me. After a brief google search I was left with people complaining about 3.2 being unstable and what not. Thats what happens when you install something the day its released. I decided to go on to sleep, it was almost midnight and I had work the next day. When I got home I gave it another try, this time on the arch forums. Much better info. I issued these commands:

pacman -Rdd python2-gobject pygobject-devel cogl


pacman -S pygobject-devel cogl

Once I rebooted everything worked just fine. I probably could have just removed python2-gobject and had it work. Hope that helps someone else.