I was spinning on Hacker News the other day and saw this post, http://www.seriouseats.com/2010/04/cook-your-meat-in-a-beer-cooler-the-worlds-best-sous-vide-hack.html.  I read it and was impressed.  That is something I should totally do!  So the other day I did.

It turned out well.  The meat I bought was inexpensive and tasted all right.  Next time I am going to buy some actual steaks and do this first, http://steamykitchen.com/163-how-to-turn-cheap-choice-steaks-into-gucci-prime-steaks.html.  Then I will sear them, and do the sous-vide thingy.  After that I am going to put them on the grill for some nice grill marks. :)
Today, my wife was at the store and bought me some salmon.  She suggested I try the cooler technique on the fish.  She bought some salmon grill seasoning.  I put that on the fish, put em in the ziplock.  Sealed it up.  And thirty minutes later pulled it out.  I put it on some foil and stuck it in the oven on broil for a minute.  Then pulled it out and enjoyed.  It was very good.  Much tastier than the beef.  Now go, cook with a cooler.