I like new things, so when Google released Chromium in September of 2008, I was excited.  I wanted to try it out, so I did.  Now, I am a Windows user who wants to be a Mac user but doesn't have the cash.  Not really, I just want the visual candy of the Mac on my linux box and its getting there.  Anyways, I don't like Windows.  I haven't for some time now.  So I use Ubuntu Linux.  The linux version of Chromium did not come out for some time, at least a stable release, until June of 2009.  I tried Chromium several times over its short lifetime.  I kept going back to Firefox though, for the extensions.  Then one day I found out that Chromium has extensions!  Yay!  This put me over the top.  Here is my short list of why I like Chromium.

1. It is fast!  

2. It is sleek.  The tabs are at the top.  The address bar and other buttons are just beneath the tabs, then the web page.  Links and other info pops up from the bottom when you hover over them.  Downloads don't appear in a seperate window, but at the bottom.  The chrome in Chromium is simple and appealing.  

3. Each tab is a seperate process.  Meaning one tab can't crash the others.  http://dev.chromium.org/developers/design-documents/process-models

4. The tab width stays the same when closing tabs.  This allows you to close those 16 million tabs without hunting for the x button.  http://blog.chromium.org/2009/01/tabbed-browsing-in-google-chrome.html

5. It has cool developer tools.  I didn't even have to install firebug.  http://www.chromium.org/devtools

6. It has lots of useful extensions, albeit not as many as Firefox. https://chrome.google.com/extensions