I like to make family videos. I have been having trouble finding an application that seems to work for me that actually works for me. I like the H.264 format. So, I use MPEG Streamclip to convert to a Quicktime file with all the bells and whistles. Now I can't use anything but Quicktime to edit videos together. Quicktime really isn't meant to be a video editor. So now I am faced with some more options. I can go buy a mac, which won't happen, or I can find a new format, probably avi or dv or mpeg4. This new format should allow me to use Windows Movie Maker to produce my movies. Lets face it, WMM just isn't as good as iMovie... :( I'm not going to buy a mac, cause they are really freaking expensive, and I'm not going to drop $90 on a third party video editor, cause I'm cheap (and I already bought the $30 Quicktime pro and the $20 addon that lets you use mpeg2, cause I thought that would let me do stuff with my .mod files from my jvc everio... wrong again). So I suppose I will just have to convert all those files to something I can actually use... Sheesh... Now to go test my theory.

I tried using the H.264 codec with different formats. I believe whatever program I run must have H.264 support no matter what format it is in, be it .avi .mp4 or whatever.